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Building adaptive talent solutions for a new technology world.

We build adaptive talent solutions in a dynamic and high-technology business environment, where talent is mobilized at the pace of business, for a game-changing experience.

Creating unique talent experiences for global organizations

A total talent solutions partner for global organizations in a high-technology business environment. We deliver business-focused and technology-enabled talent solutions across talent fulfillment, staffing services, workforce planning, and engineering services leveraging our rich expertise across the talent lifecycle. We also provide advisory and consulting services to help future-focused organizations thrive in today’s marketplace.

We are a team, passionate about thinking disruptively and solving complex talent challenges helping our clients succeed in today’s dynamic business world. With our bouquet of highly innovative recruiting models, proprietary recruitment frameworks, and team of best-in-class talent consultants, we craft adaptive workforce solutions to continuously improve the client’s ability to hire top talent.
Whether it's accessing specialized expertise, assembling cross-functional teams, or scaling resources dynamically, our approach ensures that organizations have the right talent in place to drive their talent goals forward. We are a leading goto partner that revolutionizes the way organizations build and manage their global engineering teams. In today's interconnected world, businesses are constantly seeking top engineering talent from across the globe to fuel innovation.

Certified recruitment consultants
Jobs annually
4000 +
Active candidates 
1 M
global marquee clients in 18 locations across India, US and Canada
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Why Diamondpick?

We solve complex talent challenges to deliver a game-changing hiring experience

Expertise to manage demand and supply of talent at scale

Unmatched fulfillment response times

Amplified cost optimization

Leadership Team

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We have collaborated with world-class partners who are innovative tech leaders to combine our deep expertise and advanced capabilities to deliver engineering and talent transformation solutions to drive significant business results.

Corporate Governance

At Diamondpick, we take pride in our commitment to conducting business with the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct. Our collective efforts in upholding these values not only define who we are as an organization but also shape our relationships with our employees, customers, partners, suppliers and each other. Our leadership team brings deep industry experience to help maintain a strong ethical climate.

Diamondpick's Commitment to Sustainability

At Diamondpick, we recognize the urgent need for collective action to address the challenges posed by climate change and promote sustainable development. We are committed to playing our part in building a more resilient and equitable future for all.

Environmental Sustainability

Social Responsibility

At Diamondpick, sustainability is not just a goal but a value that guides our actions and decisions. By prioritizing environmental and social responsibility, we are committed to creating long-term value for our stakeholders while safeguarding the planet for future generations. Together, let’s work towards building a more sustainable and prosperous world.


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