Build Operate

Build Operate Transfer

Specialized talent and dynamic solutions you need to stay ahead of the game.

Access a realm of specialized expertise and dynamic solutions that push you to the forefront in a competitive environment. From strategy to seamless operationalization, we handle every aspect of workforce management. With extensive industry experience and mastery in strategic people practices, setup, and operationalization, Workforce Solutions is your partner in attaining unparalleled success.

Build Operate Transfer: Scaling businesses without limits

Beat the local skills shortage and build your world-class offshore development center in India. Let us build your team, set up your operations, and support your functions, while you focus on business development. From HR to admin to reporting to infrastructure we will take care of it all, lowering your operational costs considerably.

The Diamondpick Advantage

Long-term strategic partnership with local expertise

Exclusive access to an infinite pool of world-class engineers
with enhanced skills

Lower operational and
hiring costs

Reduced time-to-hire
and time-to-market

We use innovative talent strategies and service delivery models to set you up for success. Using our local operational expertise we ensure smooth and seamless working in complete alignment with your existing organizational culture and set up. We source, screen and hire world-class engineering talent from our existing and extensive talent network who are ready to solve complex challenges and deliver innovative products. We augment them seamlessly into your development setup and at the end of the engagement, transfer all resources seamlessly into your organizational structure.

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