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As your trusted talent advisor, we will transform your talent goals into reality with world-class advisory and consulting services driven by in-depth data analysis and talent market expertise and help you steer through complex talent market dynamics. Entrust the process to us, and experience the future of talent management, today.

Transformative DEI Consulting for Stronger, More Inclusive Workplaces

It is important to gain a clear understanding of your organization’s current state of DEI and to identify areas that require enhancement. Our extensive range of DEI consulting solutions are designed to assist businesses in advancing their DEI efforts. We help organisations create an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can excel, enabling them to perform optimally and flourish.

The Diamondpick Advantage

After comprehensive audits and assessments, we create strategies and actionable recommendations to improve your organization’s DEI measures. We also evaluate candidate experience against your DEI goals to ensure a workplace culture suitable for diverse candidates. Our services include:

Assessment for DEI efforts   |   Design the DEI Strategy   |   Implement Inclusive Processes   |   Understand Employee Experiences   |   Build Effective DEI Journeys

Diverse subject-matter knowledge to assess and deliver
a high impact DEI strategy.

Measure and manage DEI efforts and benchmark against key metrics.

We create tailored DEI strategies for maximum impact.

Uncover barriers to streamline DEI efforts in the right direction.

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