Specialized talent and dynamic solutions you need to stay ahead of the game.

Access a realm of specialized expertise and dynamic solutions that push you to the forefront in a competitive environment. From strategy to seamless operationalization, we handle every aspect of workforce management. With extensive industry experience and mastery in strategic people practices, setup, and operationalization, Workforce Solutions is your partner in attaining unparalleled success.

On-demand Access to Ready to Deploy custom-trained talent

The widening skills gap is leading to a shortage of specialized and skilled talent in the market. We aim to bridge this gap by tapping into our network of superior global engineering talent, upskilling them through world-class training programs, and deploying custom trained and certified talent seamlessly to meet the client’s skilled-talent requirements.

The Diamondpick Advantage

Comprehensive workforce planning and analysis of the skills gap

Intensive training program with curated curriculum mapping aligned with client requirements

Access to superior engineering talent with a history of credible performance

Custom-trained, industry-certified and project ready professionals

Lower hiring, onboarding and training costs

Unmatched time-to-hire

Our comprehensive solution includes strategic workforce planning to identify skill gaps, followed by sourcing and screening of exceptional talent that fit the requirement perfectly. Selected candidates are put through an intensive project-based training program and deployed in record time to deliver results from day one on the job.

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