Contingent Staffing

Full range of talent fulfillment solutions for high-technology organizations

We connect top talent to high-technology organizations like system integrators, start-ups, e-commerce, and product development companies, offering a full range of talent fulfillment solutions. With a deep understanding of talent markets and the employer brand, we help our customers bring about dramatic improvement in attracting and hiring talent.

In today's gig economy, global organizations seek flexible, contingent staff to optimize costs and address short-term needs. Navigating the complexities of non-permanent hiring and consolidating contingent workforce programs are essential for success. Our comprehensive contingent staffing solutions provide rapid access to pre-vetted, enterprise-ready talent at unmatched speeds without compromising compliance or quality of talent. From hiring hard-to-find talent for specialized projects to augmenting large-scale ramp-ups, we can help you meet all your contingent workforce needs for the short or long term.

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Access to an extensive database of 10000+ pre-screened candidates across disciplines

Access to virtual talent pools of pre-vetted talent that are skills and industry-specific

Industry-leading staffing fill rates with quick fill timeframes

Cutting-edge AI/ML capabilities to quickly match candidates to roles

RPO Service Provider in India

Highly competitive cost-plus markup structure based pricing model

Global delivery model with over 500+ recruiters working across time zones

From specialized projects to large-scale ramp-ups, our services meet all your contingent workforce needs, whether short or long-term. Our staffing experts manage end-to-end recruitment processes, including candidate screening, interview scheduling, soft skills evaluations, background verifications, onboarding, and offboarding. Each candidate undergoes a rigorous vetting process, including a technical assessment by our subject matter experts.

Our flexible, scalable services include Managed Service Programs (MSPs), Master Vendor services, Workforce Management, and Payroll Solutions, ensuring a seamless, efficient hiring experience for your organization

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