Building a Virtual Bench Model to Hire Large Volumes of Technically Assessed Candidates for a GLOBAL FORTUNE 500 SI

Building a Virtual Bench Model to Hire Large Volumes of Technically Assessed Candidates for a GLOBAL FORTUNE 500 SI

In the highly competitive world of global consulting, a leading Fortune Global 500 consulting firm sought rapid expansion for its enterprise application practice. The goal was clear— to attract crème de la crème talent while maintaining the highest quality standards. Find out how our innovative virtual bench model fully revamped their recruitment approach and set new industry benchmarks for efficiency and excellence in talent acquisition.

The Client Scenario:

A prominent Fortune Global 500 consulting firm aimed to significantly expand its enterprise application practice while facing the dual challenge of expediting staff augmentation while ensuring the recruitment of high-caliber talent in substantial numbers. Although they had various partners assisting with their hiring requirements, the sheer magnitude of candidates needed, spanning a broad skill spectrum, was a challenge. Adding to the complexity, they operated in a fiercely competitive market. The client requirements included: • Implementing a comprehensive coding test and technical assessment for each candidate • Facilitating large-scale, in-person walk-in drives, an approach not yet mainstream post-COVID. • Enhancing the overall efficiency of candidate processing, increasing the ratio of candidates selected to those processed.

The Solution: Virtual Bench Model Implementation

Our approach began with the strategic goal of identifying and rectifying process weaknesses at their most vulnerable points. Addressing the vulnerabilities in the talent acquisition process was crucial for achieving an optimized solution. We initiated several teams to address these challenges: a delivery team tasked with curating top talent from the market through our Taptic community, a governance team well-versed in various systems and workflows, and a strategy team dedicated to ongoing progress reviews within agile sprints and to provide proactive guidance for continuous improvement towards fulfillment. We delivered an innovative solution – the virtual bench model, ensuring that thoroughly vetted talent was readily available from day one of any business requirement.

Business Impact

Quality: By combining our
interview platform with an
integrated live coding challenge,
we successfully implemented a
data-driven, evidence-led
screening and assessment of
candidates’ technical proficiencies
at scale.

Quantity: By leveraging our
talent community and virtual
candidate pool, we were able to
swiftly assess a large number of
candidates within a brief

Optimized Process: By
implementing two comprehensive rounds of technical assessments on a large scale, our in-house team managed to reduce the client’s Turnaround Time (TAT) by several days. Additionally, this approach led to improved selection ratios, effectively addressing a significant deficiency in the talent acquisition process.

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