Designing and Implementing a Hybrid Talent Solution for a Leading System Integrator

Diamondpick was engaged by a global tech consulting and services organization to help them stabilize, optimize and enhance their global hiring operations and recruitment processes. Our Talent Sourcing Operations applied proven strategies that resulted in increased throughput, reduced time-to-fill, and significant savings in terms of hiring costs. 

The Client Scenario

As with most highly-innovative large employers, our client struggled with a volatile demand for digital skilled professionals, unpredictable fulfillment timelines, a long tail of vendors, governance issues, and high hiring costs. The client needed a comprehensive talent solution to help overcome bottlenecks present in their processes.

The Optimal Solution

Diamondpick implemented an innovative hybrid talent solution that combined Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) operations with a Contingent Staffing model, offering the much-needed flexibility to fulfill volatile demand. 

Driven by a Central Sourcing Hub, the talent sourcing capacity was aligned with changing demand needs, delivering savings through a transparent and predictable variable cost model. This resulted in a 45% reduction in the fixed costs of hiring. Specialized shared services reduced overheads and kept the candidate experience in focus, ensuring a 22% increase in the client’s hiring outcomes.

Extensive discovery sessions with the business and rebadging teams resulted in a disruption-free transition of operations. Focus on delivery excellence was maintained through standardized processes, tool adoption, and automation, along with comprehensive reporting on hiring metrics. This greatly improved governance and ensured the scalability of operations.

We also restructured the vendor management process, focusing on demand broadcasting, performance reviews, and pipeline quality governance. This helped reduce the supplier network from 150+ to 35, reducing US vendor spends by 9% annually. Liabilities in the contingent staffing model were also mitigated by a Diamondpick-owned payroll process.

Business Impact

We redesigned and streamlined the client’s hiring processes to accommodate volatile demand, eliminating bottlenecks, and setting them up for future hiring success.

Optimized Costs

  • Implementation of a variable cost-intensive structure helped achieve a 45% reduction in the fixed costs of hiring and reduced the cost per hire by 25% for the client.

Optimized Processes

  • Specialized shared services helped keep the candidate experience in focus, achieving a 22% increase in hiring outcomes, and time to fill was also optimized to 18%.

Optimised Vendor Management

  • Supplier network of 35 down from 150+ categorized by specialization and need. 
  • Optimized US vendor spend resulting in a 9% cost savings.


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