Revitalizing the Global Talent Supply Chain Function: A Comprehensive Redesign for a Healthcare Product Venture

Delivered a talent solutions strategy post comprehensive assessment of existing talent supply chain processes, with in-depth analysis, to help transform the end-to-end process and provide future-proof strategic direction for quality and faster hires.

The Client Scenario

US based Digital Transformation Solutions company, specializing in the Healthcare domain, wanted a comprehensive assessment and an enhancement of their talent supply chain and talent acquisition process. 

With presence in multiple countries around the world, the client operates in an incredibly competitive marketplace. It was imperative that they identify gaps and enhance their recruitment processes to scale up hiring. They wanted a comprehensive evaluation of their talent supply
chain and internal redeployment practices.

They wanted objective expert guidance to help them:

  • Assess and enhance their talent supply chain and internal redeployment processes.
  • Evaluate and improve the performance of their talent acquisition processes.
  • Help attract higher quality candidates with a focus on cost, time and quality of hire.

A Re-engineered Strategy

We started off with an extensive and thorough process, system, and organization study to help understand and align the talent supply chain to the organization’s operating structure. Our expert consultants carried out in-depth conversations, collected extensive data, and identified important metrics to assess the current state of the company’s existing processes.

Using industry benchmarks as a comparison, our team identified gaps and bottlenecks and suggested realistic targets for the client to upgrade their processes for success.

We recommended:

  • A full-proof mechanism to improve demand quality and predictability.
  • Industry benchmarked levers to provide realistic hiring targets that will help reduce the cost of hire and time to hire.
  • Strategic direction for future readiness using technology to automate or partially automate some processes like sourcing, interviewing solutions, post-offer follow-up using bots, etc., to increase the quality of hires at scale.

All in all we recommended a strategy that included mechanisms for prioritization, an implementation plan and clear point of arrival and point of departure definitions.

The Impact Delivered

  • An end-to-end Talent Acquisition Audit to identify gaps in the existing recruitment processes.
  • Benchmarked market best practices and put together an ideal solution design and validation in context to the organization’s requirements.
  • Recommended a differentiated hiring process, a dramatically revamped Talent Acquisition Design, improved technology and metrics.
  • Recommendation for optimised process flow –


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