Modernizing Global Shared Services through Technology-led Transformation for a Leading Database Platform

Expertise in process optimization used to deliver advisory services to elevate and update processes and perspectives factoring in technology, to bring the client’s HR function to a whole new level of performance.

The Client Scenario

A leading modern general-purpose database platform organization wanted to modernize and optimize its core HR processes, including its talent acquisition strategy. With a global presence in 17-18 countries, the client came to us with the challenge of redesigning and updating
their core people processes using technology to build a successful talent attraction and retention strategy.

They wanted our team of experts to analyze, study and document their current state processes followed by a complete redesign incorporating technology and automation with a clear cut requirement and execution plan.  

A Future-Proof Approach:

  • Enhance their core HR processes making it more scalable, operationally efficient and sustainable for the future.
  • A complete process of documentation and redesign.
  • An optimal strategy is to introduce technology into their processes to reduce HR service delivery time and cost.
  • Improve the stakeholder experience of people at all touchpoints in the system

A Future-Proof Approach

We used our expertise in process optimization to update the client’s processes and perspectives factoring in technology.

Firstly a deep dive into the organization’s current processes was carried out including detailed interviews with core stakeholders, data collection and a shared services performance study. Clear PoA and PoD definitions of the HR processes were set.

A detailed process document using Lucid Charts was delivered with gaps in the process, heavy overheads and time consuming manual practices highlighted. We identified and cross benchmarked metrics with best-in-industry practices to come up with a detailed end-state process recommendation.

A much needed technology implementation strategy was also put forth with clear cut requirements and recommendations for complete or partial process automations to enhance the core HR process to help optimize service delivery time and cost.

To sum it up, a future-state consolidated process enhancement plan was delivered with a focus on technology to dramatically improve the stakeholder experience.


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