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(a) Learning requires practice

(b) Different people learn in different ways and at different paces

(c) Active learning always trumps passive learning

(d) Hands-on experience is crucial to effective learning

Embracing the new-age teaching methodologies, Diamondpick has partnered with Ebox Learning Solutions to create a practice-oriented learning environment that allow candidates and students to remain future ready. In Diamondpick’s learning platform, users solve real-world programming problems and simulated business & application situations through Micro Learning, Micro Teaching, Collaborative Learning, Game-Based Learning, and Second-Life Based Learning models.

Our practice-oriented approach to learning incorporates 2 tracks – a learning track based on the active learning approaches above, and an evidence track for learner measurement and classification. 


Technology-enabled Active Learning

Uses a variety of active learning concepts of problem solving, coding challenges, bite-sized learning and application of learning.

Incorporates the 70-20-10 philosophy of 70% learning by doing, 20% learning from others, and 10% learning through an instructor. 

Intricate Learning Concepts (ILC)

Engaging, hands-on, active tech learning for effective understanding.

Collaborative learning methods such as competitive learning (within a group), social learning (from open source), team learning, and game-based learning to follow the ‘Practice, Assess, Reflect & Certify’ model.

Auto-evaluation of designs & implementations at a system and subsystem level to minutely understand the progress of the learner.

Multi-mode Evaluation

Quizzes, hackathons, code challenges, skillathons, case studies and many more modes of evaluation for exhaustive coverage of all aspects of learning.


Highly scalable learning systems that can support companies and universities of all sizes with over a thousand concurrent users across multiple geographies.

Expandable learning modules, learning assets & problems built in active collaboration with the industry.

Industry Ready

Stakeholder-relevant learning solutions curated by industry experts and practitioners.

Learning solutions for a variety of job roles & service lines that also span the IT spectrum of application maintenance, support and development.