Improve Employability of Students

Unlimited access to curated assessments trusted by leading employers, to enable your students to take measured and monitored steps towards getting their dream job.

Create Future-Ready Professionals

World-class training, transparent benchmarking, customised career guidance plans, and valuable insights for your students to plan their learning in line with market demands.

Give Your Students The Industry Edge

Access to industry experts as mentors for hackathons and code challenges. Unlock a world of opportunities – professional online and virtual internships to help students understand the IT industry and build experience.

Build A Pro-Profile

Empower students to make their profile stand out by embracing a culture of contribution in communities such as GitHub, Kaggle, and Stackoverflow.


Access candidates beyond geographical constraints

Get access to talent from universities across multiple locations.

Use Unconventional Data Points to Find the ‘Diamonds’

Go beyond interviews and group discussions, and truly understand the calibre of the candidate – hackathon experience, contribution to coding communities, learning records etc.

Longitudinal Assessment

Rather than a ‘point-in-time’ view of a candidate’s capabilities, get insights into the candidate’s performance, improvement, interests, and attitude over a period of time.

Virtual Internships

Identify suitable interns based on carat scores, skills and requirement.